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The Warren-Walker Promise Foundation Begins Its Ascent

Seeking to develop a bridge where educational needs within the greater San Diego area can be met head-on was the vision of Ray Volker, Headmaster of Warren-Walker School. Mr. Volker, who has been at the helm of Warren-Walker School for four decades, created The Warren-Walker Promise Foundation in 2016 with just such a dream. Now, five years later, The Warren-Walker Promise Foundation has made exciting new strides as the organization adopts a multi-pronged approach in creating a path towards success and educational accessibility for all students.

The Warren-Walker Promise Foundation is a unique public benefit organization designed to provide financial support to people, organizations and programs dedicated to the educational development of children from preschool through twelfth grade. Modeled after the Petaluma Educational Foundation, the Promise Foundation will provide grants in order to assist with any educationally supportive enterprise throughout San Diego as a way to demonstrate the egalitarian value of educational opportunities for all. Recent developments include the securing of key staff, a dedicated office space, significant financial support, and constituent outreach focusing on Warren-Walker alumni. Another exciting connection is the intersection of The Warren-Walker Promise Foundation and The School of Young Entrepreneurs.

According to Mr. Volker, the connection is an obvious one.

“Students very quickly understand that hard work can bring reward whether it be the allowance earned for doing household chores, or the proceeds from the sale of that first glass of lemonade. They consistently ask for similar experiences, and our partnership with the nationally-recognized Junior Achievement Program will provide just that.”

One final piece to the organization will consist of a dedicated storefront operated under the auspices of The Warren-Walker Promise Foundation. The store, currently set to launch late this year, will serve multiple purposes, including providing relevant work experience for students. In this high-end boutique thrift store, students will learn the fundamentals of running a business within a real-world brick-and-mortar experience. The store space will also provide opportunities for student art nights for both Warren-Walker School and other partnering schools. A portion of all proceeds from the boutique will support the mission of The Warren-Walker Promise Foundation.

“In this way students gain boots-on-the-ground experience, showcase some of their own work, feel what it is like to benefit others, and have great fun in a well-organized and supervised setting.”

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