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In holding to its Mission, the Warren-Walker Promise Foundation improves the quality of education for students in preschool through twelfth grade by supporting the creation of programs that challenge them to think, learn, create, communicate, and develop to their highest and fullest potentials while preparing them for success in academically demanding high schools and in life.


Our Mission


To provide financial support to the people, organizations and programs dedicated to the educational development of children from preschool through twelfth grade within the greater San Diego community.


Our Values

Our Values

As a public benefit foundation, we value:
  • Stewardship - We hold The Warren-Walker Promise Foundation in the public trust, maintaining the highest standards of integrity in donor relations, community service, institutional governance, and fiscal management.
  • Schools - We value The Foundation's unique capacity to provide support of creative and effective educational programs that most benefit this age-range of students, to include high expectations for academic achievement, character and leadership development, and a particular challenge to foster independent thinking.
  • Collaboration - We partner with parents, volunteers, educational leaders, and professional organizations to provide high-impact programs, services, and knowledge that benefit the success of students.
  • Inclusion & Equity - We respect and value the contributions and experiences of all members of our community in the work that we do.
  • Service - We engage in actions that promote the common good of children, families, and educators. We commit ourselves to fully embrace that calling for as long as the need exists.
  • Legacy - We honor the contributions of those who have done the necessary work in the past to ensure the well-being and education of children while respecting the value of childhood, and pledge to support those who will carry on that legacy.
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