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SofYE Summer 2023!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The School of Young Entrepreneurs, Promise Foundation's flagship program, just finish an amazing summer camp. The second-annual, 4-week summer camp hosted 70 Middle School students from 31 different schools in the San Diego area. 26 campers from the 2022 camp attended again this year!

Because of our generous sponsors and donors, the camp was offered tuition-free with lunches and snacks provided at no cost to the camper.

Each week had its own theme:

Week 1 was all about the food industry. Our “chef-eneurs” learned about the food industry from area restaurant owners and even visited two restaurants where they were served lunch at one of them.

Week 2 was centered around retail businesses. The founder of an on-line store and an owner of a car dealership spoke to the campers about their businesses. They also had a short course on how to check the oil in a car, as well as tire pressure. To learn more about franchise businesses, campers went to a franchise business and painted a seashore scene.

Week 3 was focused on the pet industry. Students were treated to speakers who owned pet businesses: pup rides (like Lyft for dogs), an app for tracking and managing medical records of pets. They spent part of a day at the UCSD Design and Innovation Center.

Week 4 had a tech theme. Students learned about cybersecurity, the stock market, and a speaker who runs an AI and software company that services the real estate industry. Students went to the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park for a hands-on science and tech experience.

Each week students created a business around the themes of the week: investigating marketing strategies,writing business plans, and creating sales pitches for competition. Yard games, beach games, building prototypes, cooking, and bowling were just some of the activities campers experienced in the School of Young Entrepreneurs Summer Camp 2023.

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